Booking Pukete Farm Park for an event

The MTB trails and associated park area are available throughout the year for races, events, fun days, demo days and any other outdoor activity and whilst Hamilton MTB Club through it's agreement with Hamilton City Council (HCC) gains preference of the use of Pukete MTB park the club supports and encourages shared use of the park.

We ask that any interested parties wishing to use the park register with HCC - in fact, this is a requirement from HCC for use of ANY park within their jurisdiction and this can be done via the following link:

Hamilton City Council Park Bookings

This form is distributed to Hamilton City Council (HCC) and we also ask that anyone who registers with HCC for use of the Park also emails HMTB at

The main aim of park bookings is to ensure that there is no conflict with other park users, and to help keep track of use of the track so we can manage maintenance and ensure safety of everyone.