Pukete Spaghetti Race Day Info and Race Rules

Pukete Spaghetti 2019 – Race Day Information


Parking and Access:

The event village is at the East end of Pukete Farm Park, on Pukete Road.

For everyone’s safety Please DO NOT enter the park from Maui St, as this will be the far end of the race course, and riders may already be on the course warming up!

We have plenty of parking inside the park.

Vehicle access to and from the Event Village will be closed between 9am and 4:30pm for rider safety.  No vehicles will be allowed to enter or leave the Event Village during this time.  If you need to leave before the race is finished, please park on the outer grass areas

We suggest that if you are in the 3 hour race and would like to secure a team/solo site, you will need to be at registration early enough to be allocated a site and drop off/setup your area and get your vehicle out before 9am.

Please do not park on the roadside or grass verge on Pukete Road, be considerate of others and obey road rules and use common sense!

ONE vehicle per team/solo can be taken into the into the race village area, and you are welcome to bring a regular size tent, gazebo or ezy-up shelter. Other vehicles can be parked in the outer grass areas in the park. Please follow the directions from the marshals.



Note: Times to be confirmed

Our race registration opens at 8:00am on race day. You will receive your race number, info and goodie pack!  Competitors who fail to check-in will be considered DNS.

Race registration will close at 9:30am for the 6 hour event and at 12.30pm for the 3 hour event.


Please bring sufficient food and drink for the day. At this stage, we have not yet confirmed any on-site catering or drink facilities. There is a supermarket approx. 2km away on Te Rapa straight.    *Note – There is no running water onsite.

Toilet Facilities:

There will be porta-loos available within the race village for your comfort.

Race Safety

We have First Aid Trained persons on site, and a have motorcycle and trailer for rapid response should it be needed. Marshals will be around the course with radio coverage. Should you notice another competitor in trouble, please advise one of the marshals.


Spectators are welcome and encouraged! Most of the track is easily accessible, but please ask any spectators and support crew to take care when moving around the course.

Race format and schedule

The race will begin with a mass start for the 6hr at 10:00am, with the 3hr competitors taking a mass start at 1:00pm  – the race is due to finish at 4:00pm with results and prize giving at 4.30pm.


The race is time-limited, with lap timing. Teams will have each member timed individually on your own number and the team time automatically calculated. We will have full timing info posted with results (place, behind, %back, pace)

Please remember, this is a serious fun race – not a national grade event!

Team competitors – it’s up to you how often you swap your riders, just as long as you do so after crossing the timing line.


Each rider will carry a timing transponder during the race. Many Hamilton MTB Club members will already have their own transponder which you’ll use for Pukete Spaghetti. The timing team will just need to confirm your transponder number when you check-in.

Visiting riders will be issued with a transponder which will be worn on your ankle. The transponder MUST be returned to the timing team at the end of the race. Lost/Damaged transponders will incur a $40 replacement charge.

Timing is recorded at the Start/Finish line,

DNF – If you decide to retire from the race prematurely, please ensure that you advise the timing team. This is both for timing, and rider safety. If we note a rider missing for an unusual period, a search may be undertaken. Accidents happen.

Our timing team will be broadcasting live timing via webscorer.com, and the app for iPhone/iPad is available free via iTunes Store. More details will be available on the day.



Pukete Spaghetti Race Rules:

  • Keep to the marked track.  Riders caught taking short cuts will be disqualified.
  • Riders can ride beside the track to pass other riders but not to cut corners or take short cuts.
  • Respect other riders.
  • Teams can only have one team rider on course at a time. A team rider must tag their next rider in the team transition area before that next rider can depart
  • All riders and teams are responsible for their own food, drink, repairs and safety on course.
  • All food and drink re-supplies must be completed in the transition area, not on course.
  • If a team rider is disqualified, the team’s total number of laps will be reduced on a percentage basis (eg if one rider is disqualified from a team of 3, the team’s total number of laps will be reduced by one third).
  • A disqualified rider is not allowed to continue participating in the event once disqualified.
  • If you are behind a rider slower than you and you want to pass, give them warning before passing by yelling “on your right” or “on your left”  or “Rider up” as appropriate.  Riders in front have right of way.
  • If you find an injured rider, either stop to help or tell the closest marshall.
  • Respect the marshalls and follow their instructions.

In the event of a serious incident, the race may be stopped temporarily or permanently.

Placings in each category will be based on number of completed laps within the time limit.  Partially completed laps do not count.  In the event that more than one team/individual in a category have the same number of laps, the team/individual who completed that number of laps in the fastest time will have the highest placing.

The race organisers reserve the right to disqualify any rider for violent or abusive behaviour or for any breach of these race rules.

Every rider must wear a helmet when riding on the course.

All decisions of the race organisers are final.