Pukete Spaghetti 2018 Course Map

The 2018 course map is out!

We listened to feedback and we’ve decided to keep this years course similar to that in 2017 making the course to suit most riders, with plenty of Pukete’s fun twisty corners! The only three bits that could be considered ‘technical’ are Dolce, Barny Rubble and the Carpet Gully Bridge Drop. It’s certainly not going to be an easy time in the saddle with Pukete’s relentless work effort.

Dolce (at the northern end of the course) features an exposed drop on the top of the descent, but is safely rideable. There is no ‘B-Line’

Barny Rubble is a short but challenging rock-garden not far past Dolce. You’ll need to work out your line to get the most out of this section, be prepared, commit yourself and go for it! The rock garden is followed by a wee pinch up onto the Exit Road so don’t let off the pace!   ‘B-Line’ will be available, but it is a wee bit longer.

The Bridge Drop is a quite steep drop-in and straight across a 20m wood bridge. We’ll have a ‘B-Line’ to cater for riders who aren’t confident, or are getting to tired towards the end of the day.

The following link will take you to a detailed .pdf version of this year’s course map with some well known trail names and also more details of the layout of the event/race village.


We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the map in the link above.