Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series – Endurace Race Next Week!

Next Wednesday, December 7th – Race night will be an endurance distance! (because, you know…. you love it!) U23 and Open Men will be cranking out a 40km 4-lap distance!  All other normal 2-lap categories will be up to 3 laps! – some of the 1-lap classes will remain as single-lap.

Another exciting race night at Hamilton MTB Club

Our Reverse race night ended up being a bit more challenging than the team expected, with a rider suffering a serious reaction to bee/wasp sting. Thankfully the rider was aware of his condition and carried an epi-pen, but ambulance care was still required. We’ve been advised that he is doing ok. It’s a big reminder […]

Racing this week – REVERSE DIRECTION!

One of the big favourites of the Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series, the reverse direction round. A rare opportunity to ride our track backwards, so totally different with some interesting challenges. We ask that you DO NOT try to practice, as it creates a safety problem for everyone using the track

Track update

Big thanks to the track team, The entrance into Gurney Trail has received a bit of much needed attention,  Great work guys!