Congratulations to ALL Summer Series Competitors!

Congratulations and well done to everyone who competed in the 2016/2017 Summer Series. It has been a great season with some really close racing. A HUGE thanks to our generous sponsors, Avantiplus Cycology, and Alitech Window Systems. Scott Raynes from Cycology has been supporting the Summer race series for several years, and we looking forward […]

Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series – IT’s THE FINAL RACE!!!!

bye-bye summer…. it’s been brief, and damp…  cheers very much   Last race for the Summer season, and of course….  it’s raining. A lot of you will be wondering “will we still be racing”??  – The Answer, – Of course (unless it gets really bad and becomes a safety issue). Several race categories are VERY […]

Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series Race 12 This Week

We are up to Race 12 out or 14. Most of the race categories are still too close to call, with our series results this year being your best 9 out of 13*  – Lots of competitors have completed 7 or 8 races, so there’s still room to squeeze out some extra points and take […]

Reverse Direction Race This Week!

One of the big favourites of the Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series, the reverse direction round. A rare opportunity to ride our track backwards, so totally different with some interesting challenges. We ask that you DO NOT try to practice, as it creates a safety problem for everyone using the track

We’re not joking! – Pukete Spaghetti – April 1st 2017

Yep, That’s right.. It’s not a joke – put a ring around April 1st on your calendar for Pukete Spaghetti 2017. Our club’s annual endurance race returns again this year, same format, different date. We’ve done our best to avoid clashes with other events going on around, and believe us – it’s almost impossible NOT to […]

Racing Resumes January 25th

Back Into It! Well, we hope you haven’t enjoyed your summer break TOO much, Wednesday Jan 25th sees the resumption of our Avantiplus Cycology Summer Series We’ve got another 7 races to goto see out the season, and a couple of the race classes are still anyones for the taking. Please remember to ensure you […]