IMPORTANT! 2017 Hamilton MTB Club AGM

Our 2017 AGM is coming up this next week – Tuesday September 12th at Harcourts Central City office, 7:30pm

The Annual General Meeting is an important fixture in the calendar for our club. It’s the time when the committee is formed for the coming year, and in many respects, helps shape the future of the club.

This year, several long-standing members are standing down from the committee, and we’ve got several important positions that need to be filled, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Track Manager, Social Media/Website.

The club is run by our committee, and the future of the club is dependant on the continued input of members. Please try to take time to attend this important meeting, and help ensure the future of our club


*Did you realise that Hamilton MTB Club is considered to be the country’s biggest active racing clubs?

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